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Hello my name is Patrick and this is my tumblr, I tend to reblog a lot of popular blogs and also have a few different sections of my posts. My favourite posts can be found by clicking the link below and also posts I personally sourced from flickr can be found there too. I hope you enjoy displaying my various interests and look forward to seeing new followers and contact requests.
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Clouds and an open expanse make me feel free, Even if I felt otherwise. Just looking at their purity and obvious beauty makes my soul shudder and leave my body, placed within many Photos. Creating a nostalgic buzz when I revisit certain artists or images, These feelings cannot be contained in words other than joy and bliss.

Joy and bliss of my soul, my true self, without any spacial awareness or consideration for my surroundings other than those of myself placed within the photo.

Forever seeing, Forever living, Captured in a film grain, Eternal bliss.

- Patrickpictures

Photo - Piazza in Venice - Flickr - Toshio

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